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I don’t want to go into a long, detailed and boring resume or a list of “who really cares” awards.  So I will make this a very simple and “to the point” bio page, so here it is:

My passion is Photography.  I love my darling, Terri and my three amazingly talented girls : Amber, Georgia & Shannon.  I like coffee, travelling, food, friends, the Outer Banks  and cupcakes.  I want to help others develop skills to create stunning images and time travel through the split seconds we choose to preserve.

Did I miss anything?  You know me… Comment below and tell me how you see me.  Did I help you?  Could I help someone who know?  Let’s help each other.  Be honest.

Here are a few ways to find me.

Trawick Images, Inc.   |  Six One Six Studios  |   Robert’s Personal Facebook Page   |  Trawick Images Fan Page


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