We like questions. We also like to hear from you.

You don’t have to ask us a question, you can just send us an email, audio message, hello, where you listen, how you listen, a photography mishap, feedback about the podcast.

Here’s how to send us a message:

Email is great but you can also record an audio message and send that and we just might put it on the show. Use your smartphone using AudioBoo for FREE. You can also CLICK HERE to record a message right in your browser. When you record JUST MAKE SURE you TAG your message with “fotofacts” without the quotes of course. Then we’ll be able to see your message.

You can also leave us a Voicemail

Phone: (405) 585-6337

Send your audio recording to – info at fotofactspodcast.com

Record a message on the iPhone’s Memo App or any other app, phone or device and email it to us. We’ll try to put it on the show.