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We interview singer, co-founder and worldwide personality, Ali Handal from Triple Scoop Music.  Do you have music on your website, slideshows, events, etc?  No, then YOU need to hear this podcast.  Yes, then you REALLY NEED to hear this podcast.

Stop by the their booth for a killer show special that will rock your world… and everyone around you.  Seriously, don’t walk… RUN to their booth and talk to any of the artist there for the PPA ImagingUSA Expo Killer Deal.

Want to know more?  Put on your headphones, grab your favorite beverage and get ready for the smooth voice of Ali Handal.

Stay tuned in for the wrap up of Day 2 – Hump Day – of ImagingUSA.

See you on the floor!


Jim & Rob


PS:  OK. here is the special – buy 5 get 7 FREE.  Thats right – 12 for price of 5! And don’t miss the class Triple Scoop is sponsoring TUESDAY at 8am – How to SUPERCHARGE Your Photography Business with MUSIC!


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