Live from Bedford Camera with James Pratt

This episode Jim and I tried something a little different with our content in an effort to make it easier for digestion.  We are pushing the episode LIVE on our Facebook page as we record the audio for the iTunes listeners.  If you have the time, you can watch us live during the show and ask questions in the chat window.  We understand that lots of folks might not be available to tune in early in the morning for our photo chit-chat, so you will be able to catch the video later on our YouTube channel or listen to the audio portion on iTunes.

Just a quick note while watching the LIVE broadcast – please use two questions marks BEFORE your question.  This will help us see your questions amidst all the “hellos” and high fives.  Here is an example: “?? What is Robert’s favorite coffee?”

Here are some of the links from today’s show.  Oh, and my favorite coffee? … FREE

James Pratt




Vertical Response

The Live Broadcast Video


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