Starting at the beginning, I was born in Seville, Spain in the military hospital of San Paolo. My dad was a firefighter in the USAF and my mother was Spanish. My family is divided between two continents and I’m pulled in both directions but feel more at home on road.


Yes, that right… I was called by a girl’s name while in the USAF for 20 years. While not my given name by far, it’s a shorten version of my CB handle “The Dixie Kid”. Then it just stuck as a moniker for an easy to remember call sign.


In creating a marketing campaign for our wedding business, I wore my wife’s wedding gown during a photo shoot . The main purpose to show my funny side for fabulous brides that are looking for a “out of the box” photographer. I don’t shy away that fact and use the image in my presentation so no one in the room will forget me.


Traveling the world opens your palette to local cuisine and there are many a favorites I enjoy. Shortly after arriving in Italy, I was lead down the path to try “prosciutto e melone” and I was hooked ever since. Now I still love spanish “jamón” but the combination of prosciutto from San Danielle with juicy ripe cantaloupes are a special treat any day.


Most of my studies occurred in Spain, and spent two years in school in North Carolina where I played soccer for Scotland High School in Laurinburg. I wasn’t a great athlete but good enough to receive a partial scholarship at Virginia Intermont College. Financial unable to attend, I decided the USAF was the best course of action for education. Of course, I decided to stay for 20 years and retire during which I was fortunate to attend Syracuse University.

Robert has a long list of accomplishments, but still has to pay full price at local coffee shops. Having been called “the most interesting photographer in Oklahoma”, he loves sharing the knowledge, tricks and passion for the craft honed over a 30+ year career.

A self-professed ‘time-traveler’, Robert has been active in the industry since 1980 and received much of his formal training during a twenty year career as an USAF photojournalist. Well versed in all aspects of photography, Robert uses humor mixed with simple formulas and practical experience to help anyone - at any skill level - achieve their photographic goals. Just spend a few minutes with Robert to gain insight into the passion that drives him to share the joy of crafting fabulous images.

Robert is the co-host for FotoFacts Podcast, a casual iTunes audio show highlighting photo education and industry influencers. You are welcome to follow his antics on most social media platforms as “trawickimages”. Robert happily shares life’s beautiful “Instagrams” with the inspirations in his life - a fabulously talented photographer wife Terri & amazing daughters Amy, Amber, Georgia and Shannon.