The Mission

Inspire photographers worldwide to Listen,
Learn and Share the Passion of Seeing Differently.

Welcome to the Show! We are the best - never heard of us - photographers in Oklahoma just crazy enough to share knowledge, passion, and tricks of the industry. We want to help educate photographers of all skill levels with useful information, humor and a few things that make you say Hmmmm.

As tribe twins, we work hard to find and interview the movers and shakers that share the vision that “Sharing is Caring”. We love to hear your suggested topics, questions, and creatives we should have on the show.

We were recently voted “Best Photography Podcast in English” by no one BUT, if you leave us a 5-star review on iTunes, that could become a reality. Be sure to go back into the previous five years of great content to find amazing photographers, national speakers, insightful discussions and a bunch of “Seinfeld” styled episodes.